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Manchester's Premier Car Scratch & Dent Repair Specialists

Want to get rid of Dents and Scratches on your Car? Call Fixascuff now!

Fixascuff are trained smart repair technicians offering car bodywork repairs at your home or workplace, which are usually completed within a few hours.

We have a comprehensive repair system and use the latest technologies which allows us to match the colour, mix the paint and repair the damage on site to a high standard, fully guaranteed, and also at a fraction of the cost of most body shops and even in a lot of cases cheaper than your insurance excess.

Smart repairs stand for 'Small Medium Area Repair Technique'. Smart Repairs limit the repair to the damaged area only and not the complete panel. Using the latest, specially formulated paints and materials, factory finish paintwork can be restored to as good as new. The restored area is virtually undetectable and is completed in hours rather than days, thus providing you with significant cost savings and less inconvenience than traditional body shop rates.

At some point, motor vehicles pick up damage of some sort. It's pretty much unavoidable. Dents and scuffs to you paintwork can significantly decrease the value of your vehicle , but worst of all, any kind of break in the paintwork will eventually lead to rust.

Smart repairs provide a cost effective way to help retain your vehicles look and value, and is suitable for repairing cars due for return to lease companies and is recommended in the Fair Wear & Tear Standard by the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA).

So whether its your car, motorbike, van, caravan or even tractor call fixascuff for a professional, quick and quality service that won't offend your pocket or insurance company.